Afterlight-Book Review

Afterlight is a story that gyrates around the 'City of Den' and its inhabitants. Set in a dystopia, the novel depicts the struggle and journey of different characters that build the plot. The kingdom is not only plagued with autocracy and injustice but is also under constant threat of swiggers, the vampires that dwell in the dense forest that surround the city and is parted by an armored wall.

Sayra, a young girl is the protagonist who detests herself. She is a burden to her family and hence is desperate to set herself free by passing the royal Den guard selection test.

Aaron is the only solace in her life. He is a dear friend who always supports her and makes her feel special. She is seventeen now and is all set to experience the 'Blossoming Ceremony' where youths of the city are bound to go through the test of Worthiness and Unworthiness. As per the royal regulation 25% of the people who fail the test  are not allowed to marry and breed. The rule aims to control the …

Mobocracy- A new Norm or an Alarming Cue!

Last month Supreme Court condemned the rising incidents of mob lynching, saying "horrendous acts of Mobocracy" cannot be allowed to become a new norm. The highest judicial forum has asked the Parliament to bring a new law to strictly deal with offences of mob-lynching. The verdict is appreciable. 

The gruesome acts of Mobocracy have shaken the very foundation of our social democracy. With growing instances of mob lynching taking place in different regions of the country there looms a greater threat to our Constitutional core values. 

Although this new trend of hate crimes leading to innocent killings has drawn flak from all quarters of the society, stringent rules and staunch condemnation from the controlling powers are the need of the hour. Prejudiced responses of state and district administrations and lack of expeditious action in several cases have marred the chances of combating the situation.

Several studies have proved that mob lynching is not new to India. There have bee…

Getting Older Can be Better than you Think

Its a flat in the 7th floor, in the opposite building. I shifted to this society just few weeks ago.
An old couple resides in the opposite building. The two seem to be all on their own. Occasionally some guests, probably their children visit the house which otherwise gives a desolate look, filled only with silence and presence of the couple.

The old man, the master of the house is the active of the two partners. Sometimes in the kitchen working with the vessels, sometimes cleaning the old furniture items, sometimes plucking leaves of methi and palak in the balcony and sometimes even combing hair of his partner. The gentleman is also spotted in the grocery store that lies just outside our society. But I have never seem them intermingling or socializing with anybody in the colony.

Once, while I was busy doing my household chores heard some noise.The noise distracted me. To ensure it was not my son in a problem I rushed to the balcony to view outside. What I saw was astonishing. The noi…

Selfie - A Moment to Cherish!

The very concept of 'Selfie' never excited me. In fact, when I saw others taking Selfies at every instance and occasion I found them to be really stupid, thinking they are just too much self-engrossed. I wondered what actually excited them so much about taking pics at the drop of a hat. Taking Selfies with friends and relatives at parties, picnics, gatherings was still pardonable, but taking Selfies at not-so-special moments and then sharing it with everyone was something I never understood.

I always believed that clicking pics frequently was a futile act and unwanted for. Then, one day I read a book by one the famous philosophers and great communication leaders. According to him it is good to capture moments as it gives you memory to cherish forever. His views on photography actually changed my opinion and then there was this particular incident that further changed my notion in favor of capturing moments in lenses.

This particular Selfie is really special to me. It changed …

Book Review of Secret Son

Impressed by the works of some of the Arab authors, I searched for something new and stumbled upon a book, 'Secret Son' by Laila Lalami.

It is a debut novel of Laila Lalami, a Moroccan-American author who beautifully narrates a story encompassing diverse issues including human emotions and behaviours as well as socio-political concerns of a strife-stricken country.

19-year old Youssef El Mekki lives in Hay An Najat, a slum of Casablanca with his widow mother. The teenager is continuously striving to find the truth of his identity. He has always been doubtful about the stories his mother told him about his existence.The young boy whose only luxury in the dingiest slum is the decrepit theatre in his neighbourhood loves to watch foreign movies and believes that lives should have Hollywood endings.

Friends at Al Nejat, his college and his mother formed most part of his life until the day he discovers the real truth about his existence. He is the illegitimate child of a rich and influ…


Sooner in March I will be completing my one year stay in Pune. It was last year in March that I shifted my base to Pune (from Oman). I must confess that there are several factors that fascinate me about the city. Pleasant weather, irresistible gastronomic outlets, lush, green surroundings and lot more.

Pune is the fortunate city that is surrounded by several scenic destinations . The ever lively city offers you a chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and experience refreshing get away. Some of the nearby hill stations that serve as ideal weekend getaways include Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Khandala etc. These spots lie within range of 100 kms to 120 kms of the Pune city.
On the eve of the new year I got a chance to explore one such destination- Mahabaleshwar.  Located in the Satara district of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is one of the famous tourists attractions. Nestled at a height of nearly 1300 feet above the sea level, the spot has some breathtaking views that w…
You must be aware of different types of medical procedures being practiced in India. Elopathy, Hoemopathy, Unani and Ayurveda are some of the most popular healthcare procedures that people opt for treating their ailments. 'Hijama' is an alternative method of curing several diseases and bodily disorders.It is one of the ancient medical procedures that is slowly gaining ground in India.

What is Hijama?

Hijama is a term derived from Arabic which means 'drawing out'.It is also known as 'cupping'.  It is a non-invasive and non-surgical process in which toxic and bad blood is drawn out of the body. Certain points are selected on the body as per the ailment, blood is then allowed to accumulate at these points through creating a vaccum, using specially designed cups. Finally, minor incisions are made to draw out the unwanted blood. The blood is collected in the cup and is removed from the body.


Firstly the skin is prepared by applying olive oil or black seed oil.…